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EDtool uReply

A classroom communication system for use with mobile devices. With uReply, teachers can conveniently check understanding of the class at various points of the lesson. Every student has a chance to participate in the classroom interactions. The system can also be a platform for collecting students’ feedback and questions in open-text.


EDtool Presenter

Presenter is nicely integrated with the EDtool uReply functions, meaning that teachers can ask a question in the middle of the presentation and solicit instant feedback from the whole class. What is more, all presentations can be recorded and disseminated through various methods.


EDtool Evaluate

Enables users to collect feedback from mobile devices to save paper as well as to boost response rates. Evaluation survey templates are customizable. Replies are anonymous. Institutions have access to a powerful reporting engine which allows combining, sorting, and filtering of data to generate reports for comparisons and contrasts.


EDtool Game

EDtool Game turns classroom activities into various kinds of games! For example, the speed challenge lets students compete for the fastest correct reply.


Institutional report

A complete institutional report for users to analysis data easily. All component have its own line chart, saving a lot of time to manage the data.

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We have Nice Features that Transform your Class

Classroom Interaction

All students participate in the class using mobile device for quick and effective interactions

Mobile Teaching

Use mobile device as your teaching device to present, interact and move around in class

Mobile Recording

Teaching can be recorded on your mobile device to serve as additional learning resources

Playful Learning

Run special technology-enhanced game-like learning activities in class for engaged learning

Usage Analytics

Read institutional reports for analytics of the learning activities held on a larger scale


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